Canada India Network Society holds a Conference

The 2014 Canada India Networking Initiative (CINI) Conference organized by Canada India Network Society (CINS) and co-hosted by Fraser Health and Simon Fraser University will be held on June 19-22, 2014 at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey. It will focus on the health of the South Asian population and building on links between Canada and India through sharing knowledge and action for transformation.

 “CINI 2014 aims to provide a global platform for creative thinking, debate, and purposeful  action to help forge deeper links with civil society, specifically education, justice, and  health by encouraging greater engagement and identifying growth opportunities to boost  Canada and India’s economies,” says Dr. Arun Garg, Chair of CINI 2014 and Canada India  Network Society.

The ground-breaking conference features an outstanding agenda with globally recognized experts from  health care organizations, academia and technology. Future perspectives, new research, treatment,  social/public policy and prevention, as well as innovation will be showcased throughout the conference.  Attendees will include researchers, clinicians, public health providers, health innovation professionals,  public policy advisers, health care professionals, physicians, health care associations, and government


About the Conference

The focus of CINI 2014 is “Health and Civil Society”.

To elaborate upon this, CINI 2014 has framed civil society with three foundational pillars: education, justice, and health. The values, as expressed in the conference’s title of building links between Canada and India through knowledge, wisdom sharing and action captures our ambition of supporting a stronger civil society both locally and globally.

“Fraser Health welcomes opportunities to see the application of innovative technology to meet the specific needs of our South Asian population,” says Dr. Nigel Murray, President and CEO, Fraser Health. CINI 2014’s intentions are focused on making specific recommendations for health transformation, which will build a sustainable health care service. Overall, the program will challenge us on the role of health in modern society. CINI 2014 will provide an excellent opportunity to find out how to get involved, and support the next phase of growth in South Asian health care.

“SFU’s sponsorship of this event is another example of our commitment to be an engaged university,” says SFU President, Andrew Petter. “By working with our community partner, the Canada India Network Society, along with Fraser Health and others to share health research and expertise, our aim is to help improve health outcomes for communities at home and around the world.”

CINI 2014 has four sessions:

(1) Closing the Gap: Training of Allied health and Nursing

(2) Emerging Technology and its Relationship with Health and impact on Economy;

(3) Extensive and Sustainable Transformation of Primary Care Delivery in British Columbia

(4) The Role of Yoga in Health and modern society.

The sessions on June 20 and 21 have been planned with focused outcomes and will lead to action oriented next steps that include recommendations, a format which was very successful during CINI 2010. Ultimately, the conference is designed to support and facilitate links between Canada and India through specific projects.