Chai time for Richmond Seniors

In Punjabi villages, the “chaupal” was the common gathering area for villagers, where men, women, and children would sit and discuss current issues. Richmond Multicultural Community Services has established a FREE program for South Asian seniors called “Chai at Chaupal”. One group is for men and women and one is for women. This program helps South Asian seniors engage in yoga, socialization, and discussions over tea and snacks. Presenters often come in to teach the group about health issues, resources in the community, and living well. Recently, participants learned intensively about diabetes, heart disease, and addictions in their community.
South Asian seniors may experience loneliness and isolation  and thus it is valuable for such seniors to foster independence and build their own social network, ensuring many years of joy and continued learning. It is hoped that seniors will continue attending the programs create lives of full value.

Men’s program: Mondays from 10:30-12:30 at Indian Cultural Centre, 8600 # 5 Road, Richmond
Women’s program: Mondays from 12:00-2:00 at Cambie Community Centre, 12800 Cambie Rd., Richmond

For more information or to enroll your family’s seniors, please contact Ramina Kaur at 604.279.7160.

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