Cushion ring set edited

Lux Jewels

Lux Jewels is a Vancouver based custom jeweller that offers the finest quality at affordable prices as they specialize in only custom jewellery. With a focus on consumer education and high quality standards they have built a brand that has made jewellery an affordable luxury. Lux Jewels also has a strong community focus. To further their social goals, they have donated one-of-a-kind jewellery to charities, volunteered for foundations that raise much needed funds for under-funded organizations, participated in inner city meal programs, donated to Cancer research, BC Children’s Hospital and much more. This year is the inaugural year for the Lux Jewels Diamond Race, an amazing race style event where teams are competing for a 1 carat cushion cut GIA certified diamond valued at $12, 000.

As a socially conscious entrepreneur Suman Bakshi, owner of Lux Jewels, has looked for ways to engage in the community and to give back. “As an individual and a business I have volunteered with and donated to various organizations and charities in Vancouver”, says Bakshi, “but the idea of the Diamond Race felt like the perfect way to not only help a couple get their dream ring but also honour my mother.” Bakshi’s mother recently passed away from a rare form of cancer which is why she has chosen the Rare Disease Foundation as her charity of choice to partner with for the Diamond Race.

As a personal jeweller, Bakshi only works with the best to create the finest pieces for her clients. We can compete with traditional retailers because we do not have the same overhead costs they incur. I work with my clients to create exactly what they want in a price that they can afford.

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