Vote For Rina Gill

Rina Gill is a successful small business owner, actively engaged in Surrey through her extensive community work with various organizations, events and causes. As a marketing consultant that works with private sector and non-profit clients from across Canada, Rina uses her diverse skills to volunteer her time with the Surrey Urban Farmers Market, the YWCA Single Mothers Housing Committee, the Vancouver Multicultural Society, the Newton Advocacy Group Society and the Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society’s Women’s Advisory Committee, which initiated the opening of Harmony House (second stage transition housing for victim of domestic violence).  She is also a founding member of the BC Chapter of Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and a former board member of the Surrey Museum & Archives Society.

Rina entered Surrey municipal politics in the 2008 election and again in 2011.  Rina continued her involvement with local civic issues following this experience, and is excited to once again put her passion and commitment for community up for the consideration of Surrey’s voters.

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How did you get here today?

I love what I do. I love watching small businesses grow with my guidance and assistance, and I love watching ideas spiral and blossom into amazing projects that I am proud to put my name behind. I love this city with the same zest and passion that I do my career. It’s the passion and desire to see Surrey blossom into a safe and vibrant city that has brought me where I am, which is the natural progression of running for Surrey City Council.

What advice  do you have for young South Asian women?

It is so important for young women to support and encourage one another, and stand behind one another. It is such a rewarding and positive experience to reach your goals, especially with the support of other South Asian women. We have come so far in British Columbia and women from all over the world look to BC as amazing testaments to the success of South Asian women. We need to move forward and help empower young South Asian women to reach the level of success that they are capable of.

How have you empowered or helped empower South Asian women?

Based on my experiences professionally and personally, I love to mentor young South Asian women. There are many women who aspire to be entrepreneurs but are afraid to take risks. I often give business advice and try to coach them on being prepared to deal with the ups and downs that come along with running a business. Having a mentor to guide you is key to being successful no matter what industry you’re in and I’m more than happy to offer my assistance to others.

What is your personal motto?

Teamwork makes the dream work

What else are you passionate about?

Family, friends, giving back to the community.

What do you on your days off?

I love being active and going to the gym, am dabbling in travel, and love spending time with my two nieces.

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