Player of the Year Awards 2013

Recognizing the Top Athletes in BC!


Punjabi Sports is contributing to community by development of sports through its various media outlets. Punjabi Sports was established in 2008 to help promote sports, fitness and healthy living to South Asian community in Canada.

Punjabi Sports is first of its kind initiative which is dedicated to the development of various amateur sports around the world.

For last five years, Punjabi Sports is doing amazing work in local sports. They interview athletes, coaches and organizations which are supporting health and fitness in the community.

They have interviewed world class athletes, Olympians and national coaches, leading them to create an environment in which a would be athlete or an upcoming sport star can get inspiration for better performance and a platform where they can be heard, to share their problems and difficulties.

Punjabi Sports was founded in 2008 as a weekly television program dedicated to development of sports in Lower Mainland BC on Joy Television. The show was a success as soon as it was launched. It was and is the only sports show, which presents amateur sports in Punjabi language on television across Canada. After a successful year on Joy Television, Punjabi Sports then moved to Omni Television and airs on prime time every Sunday. It has repeated telecasts across country and is very well received.

In addition to the television program, Punjabi Sports launched “Punjabi Sports & Fitness Magazine” a monthly printed magazine in 2011.

Their magazine, covers their stories in-depth. Due to lack of on-air time, the stories are presented in the magazine are very thorough and leaves readers with a long lasting impression. Their magazine has been very well received in the community and continues to connect young and elderly to healthy living and fitness through many great articles submitted by contributors to the magazine.

These contributors are from various backgrounds, from doctors to fitness instructors, from athletes to bodybuilders.

Punjabi Sports has many writers who are on top of every sports news in which any South Asian is involved. Another unique thing about our magazine is that they take their own photographs.

From the amazing sports venues in Canada to small village playing fields in India and everything in between, they travel to the location and get their own photographs.

This brings a uniqueness and depth to their magazine, as readers get to know the games and sports around the world up close. Their magazine is bi-lingual, and is printed in English and Punjabi, so that they can connect to the Canadian youth and the old generation as well, which emigrated from India and can’t read English.

They are planning on connecting athletes and sponsors on one stage and Punjabi Sports Player of The Year Awards is a step toward that goal. There are millions of athletes, who want to pursue their dreams in sports world but can’t due to monetary reasons. Punjabi Sports aims to bring together sponsors, businessmen and the corporate world to help fund local community based sporting events and athletes.

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