Naheed Nenshi Ranked Second Most Powerful Person In Canada By Maclean’s


Naheed Nenshi, is the second most important person in Canada, behind only to the Nation’s Prime Minister.

When Naheed Nenshi’s name comes up, Torontonians have only one question: When is he coming to save us? When Calgary’s charming, straight-shooting progressive mayor visits Toronto now, he is greeted with an affection that borders on the riotous.

In an online sneak peek of its Power List, Maclean’s named Canadians who command the spotlight but who also have a knack for operating from the shadows, the magazine explains.

“We tend to closely associate wealth and power, but it would be foolish — and boring — to ignore the clout of those whose paycheques wouldn’t be all that impressive, whether public servant or priest, creative thinker or cultural arbiter,” states the national publication.

The list instead focuses on those Canadians who possess, “institutional clout, capacity for innovation and timeliness.”


(source: Ismailimail)