Pakistani Descent, Rana Bokhari Runs for Manitoba Liberal Party Leadership


A fresh face on the Manitoba political scene, Winnipeg lawyer Rana Bokhari hopes to land her new role as the leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party in the upcoming Leadership Convention. Upon entering the race Bokhari says the draw to public service is a natural extension of her community involvement, academic training, and love of Manitoba.

Bokhari’s background includes degrees in Criminology and Psychology from the University of Manitoba and a Juris Doctor of Law from the University of Manitoba’s Robson Hall, as well as positions with the Manitoba Law Students Association and Manitoba Bar Association.

Her strong ties to Manitoba also include experience organizing various fundraising events and campaigns in Winnipeg for both local and international causes.

The nomination comes at the start of a new chapter for the Manitoba Liberal Party. With 17 per cent support in the province and on a continued climb since the 2011 election, the party is poised to reassert its presence in the Manitoba political scene under the guidance of a new leader.

Nominations for contestants in the Manitoba Liberal Leadership Contest remain open until September 25; the party will elect its new leader at a Leadership Convention on October 25, 2013. Current leader Jon Gerrard is stepping down from the role after 15 years.

About Rana Bokhari


Born at the Victoria Hospital in Winnipeg, Rana Bokhari spent her childhood growing up on a farm in Anola, Manitoba. Her parents came from Pakistan to Manitoba in order to raise a family in a country where they knew all their children could have an equal opportunity for a promising future. They used their agricultural and business skills to run a successful farm and this taught Rana the meaning of good work ethic at a young age.

As an adult, Rana has used the work ethic she learned growing up in Anola to go on to achieve two Bachelor of Arts degrees and a Juris Doctor. While studying criminology and psychology in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba, Rana learnt about many social injustices and started to be more politically active. On campus she was an active student taking part in many organizational committees. This practice continued into Law School at the UofM, where she went on to become the first female president of the law students association. While attending Law School, Rana also initiated and organized many non-profit fundraisers. These included raising money for flood victims in Pakistan and earthquake victims in Haiti in 2010 as well as victims of famine in East Africa in 2011, just to name a few. Her many fundraisers have since led to numerous non-profits calling Rana to help organize and MC events for them.

Now a practicing lawyer, Rana has tried to use her position to serve the public good. One big example of this has been her work with First Nations communities settling their legal cases that resulted from the shameful history of Residential Schools in Manitoba. She has approached this issue from a standpoint of genuine trust and compassion, which has been noticed by many First Nations leaders.

Rana found her political home in the Manitoba Liberal Party (MLP) in 2008, where she has been dedicated to the Party ever since.

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