Entrepreneurs Academy celebrates First Anniversary

So what does it take to become an entrepreneur?

Looking at it from a distance, the recipe should be straightforward. Start with a good idea, work in some elbow grease, and add a dash of smart timing. A sprinkle of good luck of course would help top off this soufflé.
Of course recipes are rarely as straight forward as presented, and entrepreneurship is much more of a messy art than a cool clinical science.

Sunny Setia, the founder of the Entrepreneurs Academy, knows this as well as anyone else.
In 2014, he founded his organisation to help aspiring business owners get the strong start they need to become successful in their journeys.

A year later, the Academy has helped hundreds of students through foundational classes that are rooted in personal development, reprogramming one’s mindset, and liberating our often dormant personal power. The organisation’s vision is to support people in living their most authentic lives. In its coming year, the academy plans to launch several new programs across the country.

Setia and his students recently celebrated their first birthday at a private gala event on November 23rd at a Gala at Royal King Palace in Surrey. Graduates from the Academy’s programs reconnected and shared how their lives have changed over the year. Each alumnus, as they continue on the path of entrepreneurship and personal development, are encouraged to pay their blessings forward to others.

For more information about the Entrepreneurs Academy, contact Rupi Kainth at 604 671 5927 or click HERE.