Indian Summer Festival 2014

The Indian Summer Festival (ISF) celebrates arts, ideas and diversity in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland each July, and is currently going into its fourth edition. As founding festival directors, Artistic Director Sirish Rao leads the creative vision and Managing Director Laura Byspalko steers operations. They are supported by a dedicated and dynamic Leadership Council, Board of Directors and team of seasonal employees and volunteers.

The ISF’s vision is for an inclusive, diverse and culturally-rich society.

 Vancouver’s gastronomic guru Vikram Vij curates a foodie tour of Asia, presenting  culinary delights from India to Iran to Japan, all created by the city’s top chefs (Blue  Water Cafe, Bob Likes Thai Food, Atithi, East is East, Vij’s), paired with fine beverages  including award-winning wines and signature cocktails.

ISF’s impromptu live performances will be held by a cast of internationally acclaimed  writers, poets and musicians, as they give you a taste of what the rest of festival holds.  Whether it is the sounds of the Barbat (Persian lute) in the garden’s ‘Colourful and  Cloudy Pavilion’ or a recital of Rumi’s poetry in the ‘Scholar’s Courtyard’, or the strains  of the sitar in ‘Hall of One Hundred Rivers’, a delight awaits in every corner.


Check out this Brief Video on what the Indian Summer Festival is about.

Indian Summer is a BC-based non-profit organization that is largely fuelled by community support. We rely on the growing support of the community – people like you – to put together a festival that embraces dialogue, showcases innovation and creativity, and engages audiences. We have been amazed at the energy, generosity and thoughtfulness that the community has shown towards us.  You can support Indian Summer by Taking a Survey, Donating or Volunteering.

For Information on the Events, click HERE.