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A Night of Miracles Black-tie Gala :: Pledge to Pediatric Care

South Asian business leaders are counting on the support of the community to help raise $3 million for BC Children’s Hospital, through its A Night of Miracles black-tie gala October 13 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel.

A Night of Miracles was founded four years ago by Robin Dhir of Twin Brook Developments Ltd. “When I assumed the role of founding chair in 2008, my vision was to raise awareness of the gala and pediatric health care,” says Dhir. “I am delighted with the results we’ve achieved so far. Members of the South Asian community are becoming involved in our fundraising efforts and demonstrating their concern for the well-being of children in this province.”

This year, the A Night of Miracles gala will bring together close to 400 guests for an evening of fine dining, a silent auction, live entertainment and dancing. Proceeds from the event will go toward BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s $200-million Campaign for BC Children and this group’s specific commitment to supporting the construction of an interventional radiology room in the new hospital.

Interventional radiology procedures – that not too long ago were available only to adults – are minimally invasive, meaning they are performed with thin needles and catheters. Interventional radiologists use state-of-the-art, real-time imaging technologies – such as angiography and ultrasound to guide them during the procedures – to diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions, including cancer, infections, blood-flow problems, brain conditions and many more.

L to R: Dr. Manraj Heran, pediatric interventional radiologist, BC Children’s Hospital; Vik Khanna, vice-chair, A Night of Miracles gala; Robin Dhir, chair, A Night of Miracles gala; Linda Muller, vice-president & chief philanthropy officer, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The A Night of Miracles leadership group recently took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Radiology Department at BC Children’s with interventional radiologists, Dr. Manraj Heran and Dr. Josh Burrill to learn about the many benefits this procedure provides and how it differs from traditional surgery. While it’s not the answer to all medical problems in which a procedure of some sort is required, interventional radiology exposes children to fewer risks, decreases their discomfort during and after the procedure, and reduces their length of stay at the hospital, allowing them to return home to their loved ones sooner. “The full potential of interventional radiology will be realized in the new Children’s Hospital,” says Dr. Heran. “We’re no longer asking what can we do but rather what can’t we do in using this technology to treat our patients. The possibilities are endless.

In recognition of the extraordinary pledge being made by A Night of Miracles, an interventional radiology room in the new BC Children’s Hospital will be named in honour of the South Asian community. “This is an opportune time for families, individuals and businesses from our community to step forward,” says Dhir. “Together, not only will we be ensuring that children continue to receive the best health care possible for generations, we will also be a part of creating a last legacy that all of us in the South Asian community can be proud of.

BC Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the province with the critical mass of pediatric clinical expertise, research program and advanced technology required to care for and treat children with chronic and complex conditions. When the current hospital opened in 1982, it was designed to accommodate 35,000 patient visits a year. Last year, the hospital had over 212,000 visits.

Night of Miracles Gala

Dr. Manraj Heran (left) shows members of the A Night of Miracles cabinet and advisory council the interventional radiology room at BC Children’s Hospital. The A Night of Miracles gala is raising money to support the construction of a new BC Children’s Hospital.

The Campaign for BC Children has three main objectives: build a new BC Children’s Hospital, relocate child development and rehabilitation services from East Vancouver to the hospital site and support the expansion of Child Health BC, a Children’s Hospital initiative that is improving access to pediatric care throughout the province.

To find out how you can become involved in A Night of Miracles and to learn more about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation please call 604.875.2444 or visit

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