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One Small Step :: An Organization that Endeavours to Free the Children

There are nearly 7 billion people on this earth. There are countless problems and unresolved issues. Whether as big and devastating as a war, or a single hit and run, there is so much negativity surrounding all our lives. There is so much suffering going on, how is it possible to find something to be happy about without being ignorant about all these problems? It was thoughts like these that caused Nilum Panesar to develop a shell of cynicism and get sucked into cycles of negative thinking. No matter what one person or a group of people do, there is no way they can ever help the world on a large scale.  We are just average citizens on this world, and don’t have nearly enough power to change anything drastically. It’s far too easy to become overwhelmed with these thoughts and feel bitter towards the whole notion of trying to change the world for the better. I’m sure it is a feeling we have all felt at some point – that of powerlessness.

It was in 2009 due to a random event that Nilum abandoned this cynicism and instead adopted an attitude of change, hope and positive thinking. She was in her final year of high school, and one of her teachers had an extra ticket to this seminar at a local auditorium. It turned out to be a seminar held by Craig Keilberger of Free the Children. Although she can’t remember the real purpose of the seminar, or exactly what Mr. Keilberger was discussing, there were a few key ideas that really resonated and have stuck with Nilum to this day. These ideas transformed to what is now the 3rd annual One Small Step dinner and dance.

One Small Step was an initiative that was inspired by the idea that even if we can’t change the world drastically, we can do small things that can make things a little better. Hence the name, One Small Step, to symbolize that this is in fact just another step in the right direction. Nilum Panesar, with the help of her brother Kabeer Panesar began planning the first gala for 2010. They quickly realized it wasn’t an easy task trying to attract upwards of 400 people to support an international cause. The hard work and dedication did in fact pay off and this year marks the 3rd year holding this gala. To date, nearly $12,000 have been raised and sent over to Free the Children’s Adopt a Village program in India. Due to the success of past events, Nilum Panesar started “PosiLive Events” which is a non-profit event planning company that relies completely on the support of the community to plan and implement various events that will inspire and change the world.

The 3rd Annual One Small Step dinner and dance is taking place on August 17th at Bollywood Banquet Hall located at 8166 128 St, Surrey BC. Tickets are $30 and include dinner, entry into the many raffle draws and a promising evening of fun and entertainment. Open to all audiences – whether it be family or young adults and teens, no one has left disappointed in the past. To Nilum and Kabeer, it felt almost necessary to spend some time for others. The event this year will surely not disappoint – we have special appearances from very inspiring people, great multicultural performances even some fun games and of course a night of dancing.

Tickets can be purchased from Nilum or Kabeer Panesar. Their numbers are 778-829-4609 or 778-230-4609 respectively. Tickets are also available at Kamals Video Palace in Surrey at 103-8268 120 St, Surrey. If you cannot attend but would still like to donate, please call Nilum at 778 829 4609. All contributions are 100% tax deductible and you can be assured are going to a great cause.

PosiLive Events is a non-profit event planning company that wishes to continue planning large-scale events that target a wide range of audiences and spreads inspiration and positivity. It embodies the same values as One Small Stepwhich are to inspire and push individuals to believe in themselves and that they too can make a difference. Also to raise money and donate it to a worthy cause. Another goal we are working towards is changing the image of Indo-Canadians in Surrey. We are well aware of all the stereotypes but wish to lead by example and show that being Indo-Canadian and residing in Surrey doesn’t have to entail a negative stereotype. All the proceeds from One Small Step go towards Free the Children, which is an amazing charity. 91 cents out of every dollar goes to the cause you are donating towards. Free the Children focuses on ending child exploitation and abolishing poverty across the world. The Adopt a Village program we donate towards has four pillars which sustain poor villages to get them out of the cycles of poverty. This includes clean water, better schools, alternative income and better healthcare. All four of these are necessary to live happy, healthy and long lives. At PosiLive Events we wish to follow in Free the Children’s footsteps and inspire children across the world to get involved in this movement and take small steps to help tackle large pressing issues.

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