VIBC Society presents TransFusion!

Blending experiences of African dance, tap, flamenco, hip-hop and motifs of bhangra through performance, December 3, 2015 at New Surrey City Hall.

The Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (VIBC) Society is hosting TransFusion, showcasing a myriad of culturally diverse forms of art and dance. The performance piece is developed by VIBC Artistic Director, Tarun Nayar and choreographed by Royal Academy of Bhangra Director, Hardeep Sahota. TransFusion features bhangra as the inspiration for four local artists to create new works blending their experience of African dance, tap, flamenco, contemporary, and hip hop with the music, moves, and motifs of bhangra.

This unique event blends contemporary and traditional folk dance styles spanning the subcontinent of India and reaching as far West as the Latin world and the richness of Africa. VIBC is partnering with a number of talented artists including: Vanessa Goodman, Stu Iguidez, Dayna Szyndrowski, and Jacky Yenga. Together, they will present bhangra — the dance movements, the music, the instruments, the language — through a new and unique lens. Art has no boundaries, and through TransFusion, VIBC continues to break through the silos and explore new possibilities for cross-cultural understanding.

TransFusion will take place immediately after VIBC’s Annual General Meeting that is taking place at 7:00pm. TransFusion ticket includes annual membership to VIBC.

When: Thursday, December 3 2015

Time: 8:00pm

Where: New Surrey City Hall, Centre Stage 13450-104 Avenue, Surrey, BC

Tickets: $10 and can be purchased HERE. 

For more information, please click HERE.